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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

19 April 2016. This Sunday is Orthodox Palm Sunday…

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This Sunday is Orthodox Palm Sunday… that means that Holy Week and Easter are upon us, the most solemn and joyous time of the Christian Year. Every year, one hears the same bleat from the over-pious “religious”… “We only see these people once a year… the Church shouldn’t give them communion”. Nothing is further from the truth and nothing is more demonic and un-Christlike. Such people are keeping up some sort of tie with the Church… you may not like it, but they’re keeping up some sort of tie with the Church. I don’t think that we should be subjecting people to an inquisition… they’re coming of their own free will and they’re showing by this participation that they haven’t totally given up on Christ and His Church. I say, “Let them be. They’re not heathens. They’re not atheists. They’re just not living up to your fancies. STFU”. God smiles when such people come to the services, and so do I. If you don’t like that, so be it… I refuse to argue with the “pure and perfect”… they’re always right and you’re always wrong, so, why waste your time.

I say, “Happy Easter and a Joyous Holiday to all of us”. ALL OF US. Christ didn’t just rise from the dead for a limited coterie and set, after all.



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