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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

20 April 2016. Chilly Hilly Doesn’t Make 17-Point Cut… Does Worse than in ’08… Lamestream Media Kisses Her Ass

00 Jack Ohman. Bernie Sanders Crowd... Hillary Clinton Crowd. 2015

Bernie Sanders Crowd… Hillary Clinton Crowd

Jack Ohman



Chilly Hilly needed to meet a 17-point-spread to at least do as well as she did in 2008 in New York State. She failed, even though there were many instances of election fraud in her favour, especially Downstate (the worst examples were in heavily minority and Jewish districts). It’s no secret that Chilly “owned” minority and Jewish pols in the New York State Democratic Party (when the “Episcopalian” country clubs in Westchester froze out the Clintons, the “Jewish” clubs enthusiastically took them in). It was a Cook County Election. Thousands found their registration changed from “Democrat” to “Independent” or “Republican” (there’s an open court case on this). In short, the media pundits crowning her the presumptive nominee aren’t reporting reality… they’re following their bosses orders.

To reiterate… Chilly Hilly won New York State with a 17-point spread in 2008… and lost the nomination. She didn’t do as well as she did the last time around. If facts are fact (and they are), her campaign is in the shitter. She needed a blowout… at least, two-thirds of the vote. She didn’t get that. Even with crooked pols and some of the worst election laws in the country on her side, she didn’t get that. She lost. Her campaign is toast.


One last thing… only 1.8 million voted in the Democratic primary… it was a poor turnout. Hilly needed a crushing victory (she was up by 48 percent a month ago). She didn’t get it. If she can’t generate enthusiasm in one of the few states that favour her, the Democrats would be insane in the brain to nominate her. She’s dead politically. Do you really want Bill’s Third Term?



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