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Thursday, 21 April 2016

21 April 2016. The “Polite People” in Syria… Saving Lives Whilst the Anglos Take Them… One of These Things Is NOT Like the Other!

00 russian soldiers syrian kids 01 210416


00 russian soldiers syrian kids 02 210416


The Russian forces in Syria aided in liberating wide swathes of the country from American-backed terrorist movements (ISIS/”moderate opposition”). Just as in the Crimea, decent people greeted the arrival of the Russian forces, for that meant that they were safe from American-sponsored terrorism. Remember who backs such terrorism… all Republicans and Dems like Chilly Hilly (Vickie Nuland was Chilly Hilly’s protegé and willing disciple). You can back the “Polite People” or you can back murderers like Donald Trump or Chilly Hilly. It’s your choice…



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