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Friday, 22 April 2016

22 April 2016. “American Family Association” Calls for Boycott of Target… Proof Positive that “Evangelicals” are Idiots, Bigots, and Bullies

01 Westboro Baptist Church Phelps protestor


Target is allowing “transgendered” people to use the appropriate bathroom. Of course, the fact that they’re using an activist term instead of actual medical terminology allows the Know-Nothing troglodytes to crawl out of the woodwork and caterwaul. If they had said, “Since transsexuality is a known and recognised medical condition, we’re going to allow people to use the appropriate toilets and dressing-rooms”, there would’ve been less of a brouhaha. Yes, idiots like the AFA would still boycott Target… “Evangelicals”, as a rule, are that stupid and bigoted. Here’s a sane person’s response to the boycott:

I don’t have an issue with the new Target bathroom policy… truthfully, I have a bigger issue with the idiots I see open-carrying their hand cannons at Wal-Mart. I see lots of posts on this issue and almost all of them are incorrectly equating the term transgender with predator. Why, that’s as absurd as me asserting that all Christians are religious extremists. Sometimes a bathroom is just a bathroom.

There’s NO evidence that transsexuals (pre- or post-op) are sexual predators. In any case, the population involved isn’t large… about one in 10,000. This situation does tell you about the “Evangelical Mind”… it’s addled, ignorant, and beyond crackbrained. We have those who wish to import such shit into the Church… they’re wrong… wrong in the most corrosive and bigoted way. Oppose them… Paffhausen got the boot for many reasons… wishing to ally us with such mindless “Evangelical” shit was one of the main ones (along with misuse of official monies and lying to the Synod of Bishops).

“Evangelicals” aren’t Christian… go to one of their “services”, you’ll know what I mean. Lex orandi, lex credendi (The law of prayer is the law of belief… or, “How one prays shows how one believes”). If you follow that, why, they believe in nothing, as they have no coherent liturgy or codified worship. How can such people be Christian?



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