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Saturday, 30 April 2016

30 April 2016. THIS IS WHAT I HOLD… You Can’t Ram Your Beliefs on Society Using the State

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In a secular state, there’s no established religion, no “religion by law established”. As a member of a “minority religion”, I appreciate the rights that this gives me and my fellow Orthodox believers. However, this lays an obligation upon believers. In a secular state, we all have the right to our religious beliefs, as none of them has access to the police power of the state to coerce others to follow their particular and specific tenets. For instance, like it or not, the state has no right to illegalise abortion based on “religious principles”… for not all people in our polity hold such principles. You can hate abortion all that you want to… indeed, you can over-inflate it into one of the major issues of the Faith (it is emphatically not such), but you don’t have the right to use the coercive power of the state to enforce your peculiar and particular notions on everyone.

Watch all the rightwing nutters crawl out of their holes… if we wish, as a minority religion, to be left in peace, we’d best reciprocate. In any conceivable American theocracy, Orthodoxy would suck hind tit. It would either disappear or have its inner life sucked out by heterodox elements, with nothing but empty ritual left… such is the sad situation in many KKKs (Krazy Konvert Konventicles) today, I’m afraid… we’re paying dearly for having accommodated the likes of John Whiteford and Rod Dreher.

I love RELIGIOUS FREEDOM… it allows me to be an Orthodox believer in a mostly non-Orthodox society. I hate PSEUDO-RELIGIOUS BIGOTRY… I’ve seen what this corrosive hate can do. Bigotry is noisome enough, but when we cloak it in “religious” vesture, it’s especially demonic. I’ve seen far too much of it, frankly… mostly from “Evangelicals” and those affected by them. Am I the only person to see the identity between “Evangelicals” and Islamists? Trust me, the jihadis and the revivalists are identical under the skin. My skin crawls at both (I exempt ordinary Muslims and Prods… they’re just another form of believer).

THIS IS WHAT I HOLD. I have no regrets or reservations. By the way… I’m not alone…



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