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Monday, 2 May 2016

2 May 2016. 30 April was Vietnam’s Victory Day… 41 Years Since They Defeated the American Aggressors

00 Vietnam Victory Day 300416


On 30 April, Vietnam celebrated the 41st anniversary of their victory over the American aggression in Southeast Asia. Do note well how the hubristical Anglos shy away from talking about their defeats in Korea and Vietnam… and their looming defeats in Afghanistan and Libya (not to mention their failed projects using puppet clients in Georgia, the Ukraine, and Syria). The USA has never been a “hyperpower”… it isn’t the “strongest nation on Earth”. It merely spends the most on its military… much of it wasted in political corruption (the worst in the world) or frittered away in pointless conflicts in Southwest Asia and North Africa… theatres of little importance to American national security.

The USA hasn’t faced peer opponents since Korea… do recall that the USSR and the PRC achieved their objective (restoring the status quo ante), whilst the USA lost horribly (it attempted to take over the entire Korean peninsula and failed). Do have a care with the Trump Chumps, the HillyBillys, the Beltway Commandos, and rightwing pundits like Rod Dreher… they live in a Cloud-Cuckoo Land divorced from reality. They want to “make America great again”… do note that other parties do have other ideas on that… and that “greatness” involves the shedding of your kids’ blood, not theirs (their kids would be safe in college… yours would be liable for the draft). All candidates are warmongers save for Bernie… do vote accordingly…

Have a care, the times aren’t good…



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