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Monday, 2 May 2016

2 May 2016. The Rumours of Our Defeat are Greatly Exaggerated…

00 Davide Mik. The Death of Freedom. 2015

The Death of Freedom

Davide Mik



Right is of no sex, Truth is of no colour, God is the Father of us all, and we are all Brethren.

Frederick Douglass

I saw this on FB:

Tired, poor, and hungry, we continue to #FightForBernie on behalf of our voice, our country, and each other!! Greed, in dark and persistent manifestations, has begun its unrelenting assault upon the very fabric of OUR nation, but we, the huddled masses, #StandTogether, and we aren’t going home until we’re heard!

Let’s keep it simple… Bernie’s in a better place today than Barack Obama was in 2008. Note well that Chilly Hilly was better at this point then than she is now. Nevertheless, the Corporate Media and her besotted followers tell us:

Give up! We’ve won! You peasants go back to where you belong! WE run the country and you bastards have to accept whatever we give you!

Well… the peasants did revolt in the past, didn’t they? Shall Bernie be a murdered Wat Tyler or shall he be a victorious V I Lenin? Shall he stay strong and be a hero like Frederick Douglass or shall he sell out and be a Wall Street chump like Donald Trump and Chilly Hilly? That’s not decided yet… it’s still up in the air. That’s partly up to us… partly up to Chance… partly up to Bernie himself. Our opponents stand united… they want to defend “what is” because it profits them mightily (not to put too fine a face on it). We need to be equally united… “what is” is unjust and amoral (not to pussyfoot about the matter).

Quo Vadis, fellow Bernie supporters? The Lady, or the Tiger? It IS up to us…



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