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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

3 May 2016. From the Russian Web… I Don’t Know the First Thing About That

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This is a Maine Coon Cat, but all of the image references were to the RuNet. There be Maniac Cats in Russia (State o’ Mainers will get the reference)!



3 May 2016. Rod Dreher Wrote More Unhinged Immature Bullshit About Orthodoxy

Vasili Ostrovsky. The Russian Market. Satan Reigns There. 2004

The Russian Market: Satan Reigns There

Vasili Ostrovsky


THIS is the real centre of Dreher’s ideology… like all “conservatives”, he’s an advocate of Piranha Casino Crapitalism… with its godless worship of Money, Power, and Greed


Rod Dreher wrote some more unhinged rubbish on the so-called American Conservative. Of course, he parades about as an “expert”, which he isn’t. Firstly, he isn’t a mainstream Orthodox Christian… he belongs to a tiny “Western Rite” mission… which means that his faith life isn’t in line with most real Orthodox Christian believers. Secondly, he keeps questionable company… he pals around with disgraced hierarchs such as Jerome Shaw and Jonas Paffhausen. Thirdly, he belongs to the Antichristian “conservative” movement… an ideology which is demonic to the bone in its defence of unbridled Greed, the satanic Free Market, godless warmongering, and “individualist” anti-state lunacies.

He maunders about how “hard” Orthodoxy is. That’s twaddle. Salvation is a gift that God freely offers all of us… My yoke is easy and my burthen is light. He had the gall to compare Orthodox practise to military training… which it’s not, emphatically not. It was the usual konvertsy brat paean to akrivia (strictness). I, on the other hand, am always amazed at how simple Orthodoxy is… it’s not hard… it’s not an endurance contest… it’s not an obstacle course. Listen to the Easter sermon of St John Chrysostom and note well that the konvertsy hate it. In our parish, we have an arrogant young konvertsy priest who’s always pridefully telling people that if they don’t come to services “frequently”, he’ll deny them communion… in the midst of the service, to all comers… I’ve never seen the like, to be frank.

Dreher and this young priest come from the same mouldy piece of cloth. They hate the Church’s traditional stance of oikonomia and forgiveness. They “know better”, dontcha know… makes you sick, doesn’t it? Dreher’s Christ isn’t the one that the Church teaches… there’s not a trace of Christ’s compassion and longsuffering kindness in Dreher’s life, writing, or faith practise. Shall he grow up and become a real Orthodox Christian? God willing… but he won’t as long as he continues in promoting Antichristian “conservatism”. His Holiness Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev is friends with Comrade Fidel and Comrade Zyuganov, not “conservative” phoneys like Dreher. I think that His Holiness has the right idea…

We must be vigilant… the Evil One has many wiles… one of which is to masquerade as a zealous Christian. Have a care with the spiritually immature like Dreher… or you’ll end in the ditch alongside him! Don’t hate such impostors, but do oppose them. God wills it…


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