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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

4 May 2016. Bernie Coshes Chilly Hilly in Indiana

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Bernie coshed Chilly Hilly in Indiana. I’m seeing two different reactions amongst the HillyBillys. The first group is doubling down and they hunker in the bunker, “You have to support Hillary!” The second group is whining, “I  don’t want to see any more political posts on my FB Page!” Let’s keep it focused… Chilly’s doing worse than she did in ’08… but her claque of hangers-on refuse to admit reality. “She’s the most qualified”… in a pig’s ass… Bernie’s been an elected official longer than either Trump or Hilly… he’s the most qualified, if public office on all levels is the standard. Remember, Bill is using her to regain the White House.



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