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Saturday, 7 May 2016

7 May 2016. We Won’t Let Them Trample On the Victory Banner!

00 We Won’t Let Them Trample the Victory Banner! 070416


This illustrates how Russians view “biznessmen”… unlike American “conservatives”, they correctly see that all too many of these sorts are just feral greedsters, enemies of everything good and uplifting. “Conservatives” truly are swine at the trough, with no other thought than that of filling their snouts with as much as they can ram in. “We won’t let them trample on the Victory Banner!” That’s the Russian answer to Anglo American crapitalist greed, aggression, and rapine. Watch out, America… you’re messing with peer-powers this time (the Chinese aren’t wimps either)…



7 May 2016. Sometimes, It’s the Only Thing That One Can Do…

00 forgiveness 040516


Sometimes, a situation just doesn’t “go right”. In such cases, you simply can’t sit there and moon over what can’t be done and what can’t be put right. To put it plainly, there are cases that never get resolved this side of the veil. The only thing that a Christian can do is to forgive the other party and move on… oftentimes, to try to “fix things” only worsens them, sadly enough. We aren’t God, and the sooner that we realise that, the better it is for all concerned. Some things ARE beyond our powers, but we do have the power to not let such poison our lives. I know this from personal experience…


7 May 2016. Did You Know? The Last Shots Fired by the Red Army in the VOV Were on Holy Easter?

00 victory day easter 070416


The last shots fired by the Red Army in the VOV were at the fall of Festung Breslau in Silesia on 6 May 1945… Holy Easter Sunday that year. It was also the holyday of St George the all-Victorious (as it is every year). So, even though the formal surrender didn’t come into force until 0200 MSK 9 May 1945, the fellow with the placard is correct, in fact (it always takes time for formalities to catch up with realities).

Betcha didn’t know that one…


7 May 2016. HillyBillys Desperate… Float Proposal for Bernie to be Chilly Hilly’s Veep

01 This Ship is Sinking


Some of the HillyBillys are floating a new screamer. They’re actually proposing that Bernie run with Chilly Hilly as her Veep. Look, here’s a reality check for neoliberal condescending upper middles: WE WON’T VOTE FOR CHILLY HILLY AND HER QUASI-REPUBLICAN SHIT. Full stop. This is too much of a muchness; even from clueless Upper Middle “Liberals” (it’s why I’m a leftist and why I reject all “Liberalism”). There’s no chance of this happening… it’s one of the last desperate gambits of the HillyBillys in trying to keep Chilly’s campaign on track. Let’s be blunt… she’s courting JEB BUSH SUPPORTERS. That is, she’s reaching out to fellow Republican greedsters, which is proof that she’s only a DINO (Democrat In Name Only) of the worst possible sort. I will NEVER vote for such a Republican in Democratic vesture, even if Bernie were to run as her Veep (a contingency I find highly unlikely). I’m not alone. I’ll never vote for BILL’S THIRD TERM… I’m not alone in that, either…

If this isn’t Corbyn Redux (albeit as High Comedy and pathetic bathos)…


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