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Sunday, 8 May 2016

8 May 2016. Bernie IS Pro-Life in the Best Possible Way… He Wants to Help Unwed Moms… Unlike the “Pro-LIfers” Who Do Nothing but Wave Placards and Shout

00 Bernie Sanders. Unwed moms. 080516


Bernie is pro-life in the best possible way. He wants to see to it that the state aids unwed moms. This would cut down the number of abortions. In fact, some of my “pro-choice” friends said the same thing… “Abortion is a tragedy that we should minimise as much as possible”. Don’t listen to the strident “pro-lifers”… they’re poseurs and hypocrites. They’re for warmongering, giveaways to the Affluent Effluent, and capital punishment. That is, they aren’t pro-life in the best sense at all. The most truly pro-life candidate is a secularist Jew who wants to keep abortion legal… fancy that. Pro-Life is so much more than just mere anti-abortion… anyone who tells you otherwise is a rightwing Judas. There’s no perfect political faction this side of the veil… you have to weigh out the entire programme and then decide. The Sanders agenda is the one that best fits Christian Ethics and Moral Theology (and the practise of the Holy Church over the centuries). Be wary of the ostentatious “religious”… Our Lord Christ called them “whited sepulchres”… they haven’t changed.



8 May 2016. As Seen by Vitaly Podvitsky… As Long As We Stay United… We’re Invincible!

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. As Long as We Stay United. 2016


Our veterans are fading away; most of them have passed on already. They rightly and firmly defended the memory of the Great Victory, not letting anyone defame it. All of us have the strength and the ability to pass the truth on to future generations; we didn’t even have to pay for it with our lives. In fact, we didn’t have to pay anything for it. However, it’s a fact that we of the present generation must tell the truth, a truth testified to by our heroic grandparents, that we indeed passed through and surmounted a most brutal time.

Happy Victory Day, dear friends!

Wishing you a splendid and inspiring holiday!

8 May 2016

Vitaly Podvitsky

Vitaly Podvitsky Masterskaya Karikatury


8 May 2016. We Bow in Respect Before You, Our Dear Veterans!

00 vov veteran 080416


All of Russia will honour the veterans. I note well that none of the Western “conservatives” marked the victory… none. Is it because the “conservatives” allied themselves with Nazis, fascists, and other criminal sorts in a perverse alliance against what they label “socialism?” Is it because the USA won its greatest victory under the socialist New Deal? Is it because FDR was no friend of “conservative” reactionaries and fought them whenever he could? The worst set are the Orthodox konvertsy who make such loud noises about moralising on the internet… however, they’re silent as fish about the right’s dalliance with fascism… no doubt, they don’t want to upset their Anglo “conservative” pals. They won’t even honour the Western vets of the Anti-Hitler Coalition.

All decent people honour the Great Victory and recognise the leading role played by the USSR in achieving it. Those who do not, do so out of kowtowing to the lowest Anglo elements… sadly, many of them are “Orthodox”. Wear your St George Ribbon… bow in respect before all our veterans. However, shall we have to fight fascism yet again? Looking at Anglo “conservatism” and its demented votaries, one does wonder.

HONOUR THE VICTORY… HONOUR THE RED ARMY THAT WON IT… HONOUR THE PEACE THAT IT BROUGHT US. Vote against all “conservative” scum… that’s the best way to honour the Victory.


8 May 2016. HH Shows the Way on How We Should View Islam

00 patr Kirill and muslims 080516


Think of this image whenever you think of saying or posting anything critical about Muslims (or people of another faith in general). HH teaches us through his actions (actions do speak louder than words do). By the way… HH is close friends with Mufti Talgat Tadzhuddin (the cleric pictured). HH is a good role model, no? DO STAY AWAY FROM THE AMERICAN RIGHT (especially, from scurrilous yellow publications like the American Conservative and the National Review)… all that they’ll do is make you fall into the ditch. Look at reality, not “conservative” bullshit. Take Hamtramck in Michigan (and another city that I forget… Dearborn?)… it’s a heavily Muslim city (and Hamtramck recently elected a Muslim mayor). Hmm… the Polish meat markets are still there… they still sell PORK kolbasa and serdelki. Many of the WTC victims were Muslims… there were many more Muslims killed by the terrorists than the number of terrorists! The mostly Muslim Syrian Arab Army and their Muslim Iranian allies liberated Palmyra from ISIS (assisted by Russian airstrikes and spetsnaz… whilst the rightwing Anglos backed ISIS). Need I continue? Senseless Muslim-bashing has to stop, especially, from priests. There are good and bad in every bunch (Westboro Baptist and those like it are really Wahhabis under the skin). In any case, rightwing talking points aren’t Orthodox… HH is friendly with Mufti Ravil Gainutdin (the head Muslim cleric in Moscow) and HH gladly ate with his Muslim friends in the Ramadan Tent on Poklonnaya Gora… need I say more?

Friends don’t let friends repeat rightwing horseshit about Muslims… full stop. One last thing… I get much intel on HH’s doings from friends, but I always vet it via patriarchia.ru (the OFFICIAL MP website)… not everything “out there” is righteous. You’d do well to not believe anything about the Church unless you can see it there. There’s much bullshit abroad on the net from rightwinger “conservatives”. It’s corrosive, it’s wrongheaded, and it doesn’t reflect real Church teachings. Have a care… all righties are opportunistic liars… do remember their motto, “Winning is the only thing”.


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