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Sunday, 8 May 2016

8 May 2016. My Credo as a “Senior”

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Realise that if you’re a “senior”, you have the duty to “stand and be counted”, for if you do so, others will follow. ALWAYS tell the truth to power… ALWAYS help your fellows if you can (even if it’s only as simple as offering a lift home)… ALWAYS remember, “Thou art dust”. Keep it focused, kids…

Life is incredibly short and passes so quickly… I want to be able to stand before Almighty God on my Last Day and say, “I did what was before me… I did everything in my power to make the world and those about me better for my presence”. God willing, I’ll hear, “Enter thou into thy reward, thou good and faithful servant”.

Remember… most of the Christian Life passes OUTSIDE of services… if someone lays too much emphasis on worship and “church rules”, I’d say to observe them to see if their faith has fruits. All too often, the “religious” don’t show such… have a care…



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