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Sunday, 8 May 2016

8 May 2016. We Bow in Respect Before You, Our Dear Veterans!

00 vov veteran 080416


All of Russia will honour the veterans. I note well that none of the Western “conservatives” marked the victory… none. Is it because the “conservatives” allied themselves with Nazis, fascists, and other criminal sorts in a perverse alliance against what they label “socialism?” Is it because the USA won its greatest victory under the socialist New Deal? Is it because FDR was no friend of “conservative” reactionaries and fought them whenever he could? The worst set are the Orthodox konvertsy who make such loud noises about moralising on the internet… however, they’re silent as fish about the right’s dalliance with fascism… no doubt, they don’t want to upset their Anglo “conservative” pals. They won’t even honour the Western vets of the Anti-Hitler Coalition.

All decent people honour the Great Victory and recognise the leading role played by the USSR in achieving it. Those who do not, do so out of kowtowing to the lowest Anglo elements… sadly, many of them are “Orthodox”. Wear your St George Ribbon… bow in respect before all our veterans. However, shall we have to fight fascism yet again? Looking at Anglo “conservatism” and its demented votaries, one does wonder.

HONOUR THE VICTORY… HONOUR THE RED ARMY THAT WON IT… HONOUR THE PEACE THAT IT BROUGHT US. Vote against all “conservative” scum… that’s the best way to honour the Victory.



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