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Monday, 9 May 2016

9 May 2016. Thank a Veteran Today!

00 russia veteran 230216


Thank a veteran of the Anti-Hitler Coalition today… there are few left, most have passed on. Not only the Red Army fought the fascists… it played the major role in the defeat of Hitler, but one shouldn’t forget the sacrifices and bravery of the American, British, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, South African, Indian, Dutch, Polish, Greek, Yugoslav, Norwegian, Belgian, and French allies that also contributed to the defeat of the fascists. If you can, thank a veteran today… decorate their graves… tell your kids about what grandpa did in the great World War II and how he helped to destroy evil (the death camps did exist despite what Holocaust Deniers say).

DO IT. It’s our duty before God and Man…



9 May 2016. Teach Our Children the Truth

00 novorossiya. little girl. 230116


The coming generation has to know the sacrifices of the generation that fought fascism in the Anti-Hitler Coalition. If they never learn it, they’ll be doomed to repeat it… ponder that…


9 May 2016. NEVER EVER Forget the Cost of the Great Victory

00 moscow tomb of the unknown soldier aleksandrovsky sad 160116


What more need be said? Oppose all warmongers and crapitalist greedsters… otherwise, there shall be a repeat…


9 May 2016. Perfidy Incarnated… Vlasov and Himmler

00 Vlasov and Himmler 090516


A A Vlasov was one of the greatest traitors in Russian history. Vlasov stabbed the Motherland in the back during the VOV, attempting to take up arms on the side of the fascists. After the war, the Reds hung this bastard turncoat like a dog. Today, the Anglos attempt to find similar Quislings… but they’re very few and far between (mostly found amongst the English-speaking or “Evangelical” minority). Vlasov has few emulators today in the Rodina (sadly, he still has admirers in the diaspora… mostly in ROCOR circles in the USA and South America).


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