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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

10 May 2016. Facebook Proclaims Chilly Hilly Winner of Non-Existent Nebraska Primary

00 Charlie the Tuna. 08.10.14


In a goof that’s probably indicative of its owner’s political leanings, Facebook declared Chilly Hilly the winner of a non-existent Nebraska primary:

Clinton Takes Nebraska, Sanders Wins West Virginia, Trump Claims Both, AP Projects

Presidential primaries took place in Nebraska and West Virginia Tuesday. Donald Trump won both states, while Bernie Sanders won West Virginia and Hillary Clinton won Nebraska, outlets projected.

There was NO Dem primary in Nebraska yesterday… there WAS a Dem caucus on 5 March, that Bernie won handily… 58 percent to Hilly’s 42 percent. This tells you much about Hilly and her supporters…  it ain’t very good, is it? It sheds much light on the media, its oligarch owners, and its Upper Middle staff and followers. Do bite the coin before accepting it… there are counterfeits in circulation…

Betcha Zuckerberg will take this down after people laugh their ass off at him…


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