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Sunday, 15 May 2016

15 May 2016. Have a Care With Apparatchiki… Whether They be Political, Religious, or Corporate

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I posted this as a FB comment:

There’s an old Russian peasant proverb, “The cow that died gave the most milk”. That’s nostalgia concisely. One sees this especially in some White Guard Russian émigrés, most Balts (including Baltic Germans), Galicians, Croats, and White Poles… that’s why so many of those in these cohorts became rabid running dogs of the Anglo Establishment.

There are several kinds of apparatchiki… some are Church apparatchiks, such as Eric Tosi. Some are corporate apparatchiks, such as Rebecca Matovic. Others are political apparatchiks, such as DWS. The fact of being an apparatchik isn’t blameworthy… but it does explain the behaviour of some people. Whether they recognise it or not, the apparatchik adopts the POV of the apparat that they work in. They truly don’t see that those outside the apparat think differently. That is, they become “goodthinkers” to some extent or another. They take on the Weltanschauung of the organisation and don’t really comprehend that their reality now corresponds to the notional construct of the apparat and not the real reality in the outside world.

This is most marked in the District amongst political and military apparatchiki. Don’t argue with such sorts… they truly do believe the Inside the Beltway fantasies… they really do live in a Neoliberal Cloud-Cuckoo Land. They believe the USA is a “hyperpower” and that it can intervene wherever, whenever, and however it pleases. They’ve drunk the Kool-Aid about foreign lands and leaders. Some have the disease worse than others do. A recent correspondent was a case in point. In many ways, this person did escape much of the negative conditioning… but I noticed it was still there. I won’t give details, as I don’t wish to unmask my interlocutor (that’s not only crass, it’s indecent and without humanity).

If such a person is a Facebook “friend” don’t unfriend them unless they start posting organisation drivel on your wall. If such a person is in your parish, simply don’t rile them and rattle their cage… you know what they’re going to say. If they do start pushing goodthinker notions and apparat dezinformatsiya… then, block them and be done with them. Don’t hate. Don’t argue. Don’t drag them through the mud. In many ways, they’ve proven themselves weak, not evil.

However, here’s a meaty reflection… most bad in the world comes from weak people, not evil people. That’s why you must beware the apparatchik…



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