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Saturday, 21 May 2016

21 May 2016. A Point to Ponder From General Shoigu… Russians Take the LOOONG View

00 Sergei Shoigu EU 210516


Unlike Anglos, who are bratty juveniles with the attention-span of a gnat in heat during the mating season, Russians take the LOOONG view. General Shoigu looks beyond the near term… which Anglos can’t do at all; they’re arrogant toddlers who want everything NOW. This is especially true of “conservatives”… their greed (Crapitalism) pops out of every pore; their adolescent rebelliousness (“Libertarianism”) and toxic “religiosity” (“Evangelicalism”) infects large swathes of the USA. I’d say that the USA faces tough and competent foes in S K Shoigu and D O Rogozin… do note that the Anglos don’t (and don’t want to) realise that.

Bet on Red… as in “Red Banner”… that’s where the future lies…



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