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Saturday, 21 May 2016

21 May 2016. “Conservatism” Isn’t Only Wrong… It’s ANTICHRISTIAN (As In “The Mark of the Beast”)

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I saw this comment on FB:

Yes… “How WE care for others”… not, “How our government care for others”. We can have great social programs as a nation, but still be a nation of jerks.

My response was:

You can’t wriggle out of it that way… the Church has always blessed State social action… beginning in the Roman Empire and continuing to the present. His Holiness calls the Free Market a fraud. I agree with Patriarch Kirill… do you (the above comment puts that in doubt)?

I also saw this on FB:

It’s interesting… the people who loudly caterwaul for “Christian Values” also favour policies that hurt the poor, sick, elderly, and orphaned. Such people aren’t Christians… they’re demonic impostors.

“Conservative” fanatics are trying to take over the Church. I believe that they’ll fail in the long haul, but in the near term, they’re going to cause a great deal of trouble. They’re not overly numerous, but they’re well organised and vocal… indeed, they make up most of the voices heard on the internet, even though they’re a minority amongst diaspora Orthodox. Interestingly enough, even though they claim to be “anti-communist”, they’re Marxist to the bone… that is, they believe in historical inevitability, the supremacy of economics over everything, and the concept of a “vanguard class”. They’re not Conservative in the least.

REAL Conservatives were men like Bismarck and Diefenbaker… men who placed generous social programmes in place for all the people. Indeed, Bismarck was a leader in single-payer healthcare, unemployment insurance, and old age pensions… as he saw them as the surest bulwark AGAINST socialism! Tsar Aleksandr III Aleksandrovich gave his approval to the sending of “Zemsky Doctors” out to the countryside at government expense to provide healthcare for the people (as one contemporary Russian doctor put it, “The Zemsky Doctors did it all!”… their legacy lives on). American “conservatives” such as Rod Dreher and Rush Limbaugh are nothing but slobbering apologists for wealth, not conservative at all (any group that idolises Edmund Burke isn’t conservative in the least).

Have a care… there be dangers on the road ahead. Take my hand, it’s going to be darker before the dawn arrives…



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