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Saturday, 21 May 2016

21 May 2016. The Faith of a Secularist… More “Christian” Than That of the Loud Religionists… Fancy That

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I care if a politician espouses the social vision and compassion that the Church enjoins on all of us. In this present election, only one of the three major candidates fits that description. Yes… Bernie Sanders… interestingly, the most “Christian” candidate is a secularist Jew. Note well that loud religionists such as “Evangelicals” and “Pro-Lifers” oppose him. That speaks volumes of them and of Mr Sanders. I’d say that the loud religionists are the sort that Our Lord Christ had in mind when He spoke of those who shouted, “Lord, Lord!” but were not of His flock, after all.

God WILL judge… vote accordingly… vote for Bernie, the only “Christian” candidate!



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