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Saturday, 21 May 2016

21 May 2016. Why I Will NEVER Vote for Chilly Hilly Under ANY Circumstance

00 NO HILLARY! 081115


I’m a registered Democrat; I’m a leftist socialist in ideology. I’ll NEVER vote for Hillary, the Bitch of Wall Street. She gave head to all the K Street lobbyists as soon as DWS gave her permission. No decent person will vote for such a scumbag. After all, she and Bill gave us “welfare reform”, NAFTA, and the Easter Bombing of Belgrade. Hilly wants to start a war with Russia AND China. If you’re for Hilly, you’re against everything humane and good. It’d be better to let Trump win… you see, the Democratic Party would then have to choose… embrace FDR’s Legacy and a return to the New Deal or suck up to Chilly Hilly and be the Whore of the Oligarchs. Hilly’s already wooing Repugs… let her… she’s shown us her true colours. She’s really a Republican In All But Name. Let her consort with her real pals. She’s a money-lover of the first order… nothing else matters to her and her cronies. If the Establishment Dems choose to follow her and suck up to the Oligarchy, I predict that most of the young people (and many of us oldsters, too) will abandon them to their fate. What with Trump winning over the Establishment Repugs, the stage is ripe for the collapse of the two present political parties and a new order emerging… that is, a frankly pro-Oligarch faction and a social democratic opponent of the One Percent and their slobbering Upper Middle minions. Shall this happen? Shall the two parties merge (in essence) in support of the Crapitalist Free Market Oligarchy and its lust for global domination? We’ll have to see…



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