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Sunday, 22 May 2016

22 May 2016. From the Russian Web… Some Wisdom From Mark Twain

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Who woulda thunk it? Mark Twain quoted on vK! Well, Russians don’t hate Americans, but they do hate the American government and all of its sleazy doings in foreign parts. In Sov times, ordinary folk didn’t hate America or Americans. No way, no how! However, today, ordinary sods HATE America for what it’s trying to do to Russia. Russia simply wants to be left alone in peace; it doesn’t want any part of Anglo toddler notions. Yet, the Anglo brats want to press the point… all that does is to rile up Russians and get them prepared to kick Anglo ass as soon as the demented Anglos show up on their doorstep.

Russians want peace. Russians want amity. HOWEVER… no other nation knows how to fight as well as Russia does. It’s had to fight for national survival many times… which the USA has NEVER had to do. I fear that the Yanks swallowed German bullshit whole about Russians… that we’re an inferior race, with an inferior culture. Remember this… the Red Army raised the Victory Banner over the Reichstag in 1945 (and Tsar Aleksandr I Pavlovich led the victorious Allied armies into Paris in 1814)… the German fascists failed in their attempt to destroy us. America had best bear that in mind…

They could try kindness and honesty… however, can you expect such from a bunch that enshrines “winning is the only thing?”



22 May 2016. Practical Karma… Social, Not Religious

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I’m not referring to religion, I’m referring to social relationships. All of the above is true. You can’t do jack-shit about anyone else (unfortunately), but you do have control over your reaction to plug-uglies and asshats. Some do require opposition, some even require fighting… however, most are simply pains-in-the-arse. You can control your reaction to them, even if they’re uninhibited and without stint. “Karma” in this sense is simply, “What goes around, comes around”… and them that forget that usually get a sharp lesson on that, don’t they?

What’s that? You’re calling me a “syncretist”, child? Kiss my ass, it’s nothing of the sort… bear in mind, truth is where you find it, not where you look for it. That does keep one humble, doesn’t it?


22 May 2016. Bernie Gives a Shit… Chilly Hilly Does NOT… ANY QUESTIONS?

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Let’s keep it simple. The Clintons are grasping moneygrubbing swine. Their “Clinton Foundation” is a front to launder money and they did everything to hurt ordinary folk when Bill was Prez (they just slobbered over all the GOP nostrums, didn’t they?). We don’t need “Bill’s Third Term”… no one can deny that Bill would be the power behind the throne. We already had eight years of Clinton misadventures. Do we truly need more?

Vote for Bernie. He understands us better than the Clintonista swine do. Let the Beltway Commandos sneer… they’re far from representing most of us, I seem to gather… besides, their “complaints” are specious. No candidate is perfect (being human, that’s expected). When Pitchfork Ben Tillman and Sockless Jerry Simpson ran as populists, they sure weren’t perfect, but they sure also increased the store of liberty for all (yes, Tillman did that… he was a man of his time, like it or not). “Pure” leftists derided Emil Seidel (Mayor of Milwaukee in the early 20th century and Socialist candidate for Veep with Eugene V Debs in 1912) as a “sewer socialist”… but he improved his city and he laid the foundation for a long rule by pragmatic True Left forces.

Sneer at us if you will. We CAN write Bernie in, if needs must. A spectre is haunting the mansions of the American oligarchy… the spectre of change denied. I’d be careful if I were an oligarch or one of their Upper Middle Affluent Effluent flunkies. I seem to think that the tines of a pitchfork can be sharp. I’m not advocating revolution, but if you push people hard enough…


22 May 2016. Why Bernie, NOT Chilly Hilly, is What America Needs

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Do note that Chilly Hilly put on her kneepads and gave head to all of K Street and Wall Street after the DNC gave her the green light to ask for money from lobbyists. Chilly Hilly is a soulless moneygrubber who doesn’t give fuck-all about ordinary folks. She cackled over “welfare reform” and NAFTA as she shared drinks with the Wal-Mart Waltons and Donald Trump. Only a fool or a self-interested mercenary would vote for such a poisonous POS people-hating viper.

Friends don’t let friends vote for evil. Full stop…

Write in Bernie in November, if needs must. We CAN stop the evil…


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