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Sunday, 22 May 2016

22 May 2016. Bernie Gives a Shit… Chilly Hilly Does NOT… ANY QUESTIONS?

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Let’s keep it simple. The Clintons are grasping moneygrubbing swine. Their “Clinton Foundation” is a front to launder money and they did everything to hurt ordinary folk when Bill was Prez (they just slobbered over all the GOP nostrums, didn’t they?). We don’t need “Bill’s Third Term”… no one can deny that Bill would be the power behind the throne. We already had eight years of Clinton misadventures. Do we truly need more?

Vote for Bernie. He understands us better than the Clintonista swine do. Let the Beltway Commandos sneer… they’re far from representing most of us, I seem to gather… besides, their “complaints” are specious. No candidate is perfect (being human, that’s expected). When Pitchfork Ben Tillman and Sockless Jerry Simpson ran as populists, they sure weren’t perfect, but they sure also increased the store of liberty for all (yes, Tillman did that… he was a man of his time, like it or not). “Pure” leftists derided Emil Seidel (Mayor of Milwaukee in the early 20th century and Socialist candidate for Veep with Eugene V Debs in 1912) as a “sewer socialist”… but he improved his city and he laid the foundation for a long rule by pragmatic True Left forces.

Sneer at us if you will. We CAN write Bernie in, if needs must. A spectre is haunting the mansions of the American oligarchy… the spectre of change denied. I’d be careful if I were an oligarch or one of their Upper Middle Affluent Effluent flunkies. I seem to think that the tines of a pitchfork can be sharp. I’m not advocating revolution, but if you push people hard enough…



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