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Sunday, 22 May 2016

22 May 2016. Lies Circulated by the HillyBillys…

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I saw this on FB:

He’s certainly not at the Trump level of inciting the crowd to violence, but I think he’d be in a stronger position if he’d be much more vocal about condemning the violent rhetoric spouted off in his name.

There’s no violent rhetoric spouted off in Bernie’s name. There IS violent rhetoric spouted by Chilly Hilly and the HillyBillys. If you needed proof that Hilly’s a liar and that her supporters are either opportunistic mercenaries or stuck-up dupes, you have it. Bernie doesn’t need to “condemn” us… we’re not doing anything wrong. Chilly Hilly is the choice of an Upper Middle minority that smells money and power for themselves in a Clinton II administration. We point that up. That isn’t “violent rhetoric”… that’s simply the truth. You can vote for an honest man or for a scheming warmongering oligarch-loving bitch. That be the choice this year. Write in Bernie in November, if needs must… but NEVER vote for Chilly Hilly, as she’s for perpetual war in foreign parts and giveaways to her Affluent Effluent confrères and supporters. We CAN do it…



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