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Sunday, 22 May 2016

22 May 2016. Practical Karma… Social, Not Religious

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I’m not referring to religion, I’m referring to social relationships. All of the above is true. You can’t do jack-shit about anyone else (unfortunately), but you do have control over your reaction to plug-uglies and asshats. Some do require opposition, some even require fighting… however, most are simply pains-in-the-arse. You can control your reaction to them, even if they’re uninhibited and without stint. “Karma” in this sense is simply, “What goes around, comes around”… and them that forget that usually get a sharp lesson on that, don’t they?

What’s that? You’re calling me a “syncretist”, child? Kiss my ass, it’s nothing of the sort… bear in mind, truth is where you find it, not where you look for it. That does keep one humble, doesn’t it?



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