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Sunday, 22 May 2016

22 May 2016. Why Bernie, NOT Chilly Hilly, is What America Needs

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Do note that Chilly Hilly put on her kneepads and gave head to all of K Street and Wall Street after the DNC gave her the green light to ask for money from lobbyists. Chilly Hilly is a soulless moneygrubber who doesn’t give fuck-all about ordinary folks. She cackled over “welfare reform” and NAFTA as she shared drinks with the Wal-Mart Waltons and Donald Trump. Only a fool or a self-interested mercenary would vote for such a poisonous POS people-hating viper.

Friends don’t let friends vote for evil. Full stop…

Write in Bernie in November, if needs must. We CAN stop the evil…



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