Voices from Russia

Friday, 27 May 2016

28 May 2016. From the Russian Web… A Feline Felon…

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27 May 2016. A Point to Ponder from John Muir… All Things ARE Interconnected… This is the ONLY Earth That We Have

00 Geoffrey Deacon. Kuai. John Muir. 2016


I prefer the old-fashioned word “conservation” to “environmentalism”. God appointed us conservators of His Creation… the natural environment is only part of that. We’re not only conservators of the natural world and protectors of our “little brothers”, we’re also conservators of human culture and the artefacts that our civilisation created over the millennia. Conservation is a FAR broader word than environmentalism. That’s why I prefer it. However, to be a “conservationist”, one has to reject neoliberal “conservatism” in its entirety… one has to become one with nature, one with humanity, and one with our past and our various legacies and traditions… and live according to their timeless laws, not following our unfettered licence and “freedom”. The “conservative” is a spoilt brat, intent on only serving themselves (I’m thinking of arrogant toddlers such as Sean Hannity and Rod Dreher). The “conservationist” is a decent and mature person, who realises the interconnectedness of all and respects the limits that the Creation places on them. Think on that…


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