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Saturday, 28 May 2016

28 May 2016. This is Why the Novorossiya Patriots Will Win Over the Pro-American Fascist Uniate Junta

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The Novorossiyan patriots are in it to win it. The pro-American junta doesn’t have half the cohesion, grit, motivation, and simple guts that the patriots have. The Americans have backed a loser… they won’t admit it… or have they? They HAVE stolen the gold and forex reserves… that’s what the US citizen Jaresko was doing as the junta’s “Finance Minister”… pretty fishy, no, having a foreigner as a government minister? The war will last as long as the USA props up the unpopular Uniate junta… when the Yanks either give up or agree with the Russians to withdraw their support of the Galicians, the present “Ukraine” will fall. No one knows what’ll replace it… no one… especially, no one “within the Beltway”…



28 May 2016. From the Russian Web… It’s Not What You Think It Is!

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28 May 2016. What Do You Want? Books or Bombs?

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Chilly Hilly wants to take on Iran, China, and Russia… “America’s the hyperpower and no one can stand against us”. Wonderful… the Afghan insurgency drags on since 2001 with no end in sight… the Iraqi invasion has simmered since 2003… Libya still smoulders and burns… gee, it seems that the “hyperpower” ain’t so “hyper”, after all. What would happen if the USA took on peers such as China and Russia, and large second-tier states like Iran? It’d end like Korea, no doubt, with Russia and China achieving their objectives, and the USA utterly failing… but this time, it’d be on the Eurasian World Island, with a large butcher’s bill and an even larger price-tag. Britain never recovered from the expense of the two world wars… the USA wouldn’t recover from the double-whammy of paying for the Cold War and for the present aggression in foreign parts.

Bernie sees it correctly. Put things right here first. End the wars. End the corruption. End the corporate welfare. Above all, end the lies.

You can vote for Bernie… or you can vote for Chilly Hilly or be a Trump Chump.

It’s YOUR choice…


28 May 2016. Crimea IS Russia!

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