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Saturday, 28 May 2016

28 May 2016. This is Why the Novorossiya Patriots Will Win Over the Pro-American Fascist Uniate Junta

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The Novorossiyan patriots are in it to win it. The pro-American junta doesn’t have half the cohesion, grit, motivation, and simple guts that the patriots have. The Americans have backed a loser… they won’t admit it… or have they? They HAVE stolen the gold and forex reserves… that’s what the US citizen Jaresko was doing as the junta’s “Finance Minister”… pretty fishy, no, having a foreigner as a government minister? The war will last as long as the USA props up the unpopular Uniate junta… when the Yanks either give up or agree with the Russians to withdraw their support of the Galicians, the present “Ukraine” will fall. No one knows what’ll replace it… no one… especially, no one “within the Beltway”…



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