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Sunday, 29 May 2016

29 May 2016. A Point to Ponder…

00 Uncle Sam Kicked Out. 01.09.13


A few people asked me if I regard climate change to be the greatest security threat in the world. Indeed, it is, and it’s inevitable that we’ll fight wars because of it. I must add, however, that I also consider the American self-worshipping dogma of Manifest Destiny/Exceptionalism to be the second greatest threat to peace and security in the world. Along with that, it might be possible that Donald Trump is a far less dangerous choice than Hillary Clinton is, since she’s a proven hawk and part of the maniacal party that’s seeking to provoke Russia into a war. What’s more likely is that it’d provoke Russia and China into a tighter alliance, a power combination that no other force on earth could withstand. Mr Trump would likely be much more pragmatic and seek to have a better relationship with the most important powers in the world instead of swimming in a political and human rights sewer with Saudi Arabia and Turkey. We must remember that America isn’t actually a Christian nation… the religion of America is America… it isn’t Christ. Jesus Christ is a sort of misused “front” for American self-worship, which often crosses the border into a nationalist idolatry.

Archbishop Lazar Puhalo


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