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Sunday, 29 May 2016

29 May 2016. The “Attack of the Dead” at Osovets Fortress… The Anglos Had Best Mind What It Means

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Русские не сдаются (Russkie nye sdayutsya: Russians Don’t Give Up) by Varya Strizhak… 


In August 1915, the Germans used poison gas against the defenders of the Russian fortress at Osovets in Northern Poland. To their surprise, the Russians, although injured by the gas and spitting up blood, counterattacked, and threw back the Germans. This allowed the Russian forces to evacuate the area in good order some weeks later. Russians haven’t changed… the Anglos had best mind that… or they’re in for a rather nasty and upsetting surprise… the Yanks wouldn’t know what hit them if the famed Russian artillery and MRLs opened up on them. They’ve not faced such since Korea… they’d realise what “shock and awe” truly means.



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