Voices from Russia

Sunday, 29 May 2016

29 May 2016. The Melodiya Sisters “Hold On, Novorossiya!”

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Novorossiya holds on… the Anglos can’t beat them down. Everyone knows that the USA sent special ops lads in the guise of mercs (a standard American practise, I’m afraid)… but the local homies beat the shit out of them. The Anglos are finding out that they’re in a no-win situation like they were in Vietnam. They’re saddled with a corrupt and incompetent “ally” and their opponents have easy resupply from Russia (just as Vietnam had easy resupply from China and the USSR). This has led to a gigantic Yank tits-up and all-round clusterfuck. Of course, the Anglos admit nothing… they never do. They never learn from their mistakes… yes, they’re that arrogant.

Novorossiya stands tall. America gnashes its teeth. Holy Rus survives…



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