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Sunday, 29 May 2016

29 May 2016. What Kind of “Democracy” Do Chilly Hilly and Trump Want?

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Remember this… Chilly Hilly gave head to all of Wall Street and K Street as soon as DWS changed the rules on lobbyist contributions. “He who pays the piper, determines the tune”… if that’s so (and it is), what does that tell you about Chilly Hilly and about who pulls her marionette strings? You can tell who she favours, can’t you? Just bear in mind… shitbirds of a feather flock together. Our Lord Christ put it another way… Woe to those who call good “evil” and evil “good”. I need say no more.

As for the Donald, he’s never hidden his greed and covetousness. He’s an open votary of evil… Hilly’s a smarmy closeted devotee of evil. Bernie isn’t in their league at all… he’s honest, as politicians go. You KNOW who to vote for…



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