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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

29 June 2016. Animal Funnies… I’m Askin’ Nice, Y’ Know

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29 June 2016. A Point to Ponder

00 metropolitan mark golovkov of ryazan 270116

Metropolitan Mark Golovkov scrubbing hospital floors in Ryazan… that’s what bishops in the Rodina do. Do note that the loudmouth righties in the USA do NOT do likewise…


I made the following comment on FB:

That is what the Church does… “start a revolution”. Look at Russia… things are imperfect, but the Church lives Christianity and its lit a fire of belief in many hearts.

No one’s arguing that the Revolution is complete or anywhere near such… it isn’t. However, they’ve made a good start… which is more than one can say about the West, especially, the USA and the Antichristian Evangelicalism regnant there (it’s contaminated far too many of our people, hasn’t it?). As Gill Scott-Heron put in, “The Revolution will not be televised, brother; the Revolution will be live”… just go to the Centre and see for yourself…


DNR Nationalises “Ukrainian” State Property

00 The Donbass is NOT Ukrainian 280616 01


The DNR Peoples Soviet approved a law, after the first and the second readings, nationalising Ukrainian state property on territory under the Republic’s jurisdiction. According to the law, all Ukrainian state property in the DNR is now state property of the DNR, including the Donetsk Railway, as well as all businesses, banks, and organisations where the Ukrainian state had shares. In addition, the act regulates nationalisation of technical/utilities equipment and sites.

27 June 2016

Russia-Российская Федерация     


29 June 2016. A “Word” in Defence of “Konvertsy”

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Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. World Peace Democracy 01.12


Konvertsy is an American neologism… it was never meant as standard Russian… it’s “Russlish” of the highest order. That is, informal Russian and English mangled together by free n’ easy colloquial Russian-Americans. The Language Nazis can lighten up and get a life. Besides… they shouldn’t order folk around… it isn’t the best way to bring people to your POV… just sayin’…


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