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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

1 June 2016. A Colloquy on VVP… What He Is… What He’s Not… He’s NOT a “Royal”

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VVP’s elder brother died of starvation during the Siege of Leningrad. That’s why Russia remembers on 9 May… and why the American filth who laugh at Victory Day are inhuman sludge. Russia remembers real suffering and loss… that still resonates in the heart today… the Anglo turds have no sense of real values and honour (after all, “winning is the only thing”), so they laugh and belittle that. Let God see and judge…


My interlocutor is in plain type; I’m in italics.

That they showed him respect is how it should be done, but people need to quit saying this is a sign he’s becoming emperor or tsar. He’s not, and he’s said he doesn’t want to be.

He’s the most powerful ruler in the Orthosphere… but he’s not a monarchist, never was, isn’t, and won’t be. He has more good-sense than that. Monarchy is deader than the dodo in Russia, and it ain’t coming back, no way, no how.

Indeed. Unfortunately, there are too many who seem blind of that fact. There are things about Putin I respect and things I scratch my head about, but in the end, he isn’t going to be the new imperator; he has no desire to be, and those that think so are almost idolatrous in their admiration of him.

I wonder what they’d say if they found out that VVP wasn’t anti-gay and that the RF government allows transsexuals to alter their internal passports on submission of medical evidence. In reality, he’s not the “conservative” that they think he is!

I think that’d enrage more than a few. That… and how he jails holocaust deniers and white supremacists… is really a problem for the right. Those, and the fact he laments the fall of the Soviet Union.



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