Voices from Russia

Friday, 3 June 2016

3 June 2016. Vote for Bernie… All Other Votes are Votes for Chaos, War, and Greed

00 veterans grave usa 030616


Vote for Bernie… the ONLY peace candidate. Trump wants war… Chilly Hilly wants war… Butcher Biden wants war… Bernie wants peace, to rebuild this ravaged country. BOTH Trump and Chilly Hilly are brutal vultures, intent on sucking out the last remaining bits of wealth in this country for themselves and their Affluent Effluent running dog lackeys.

You DO have a choice… it’s Bernie, or its perpetual war in foreign parts to benefit the One Percent and their Upper Middle Uriah Heeps. You can send your kids to college or send them to fight in wars of aggression. It’s your choice… choose wisely…



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