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Saturday, 4 June 2016

4 June 2016. “The Greatest” is Gone

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Students Visit the RF Minoborony Guesthouse to Cheer Syrian Girl Flown to Moscow for Medical Treatment

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Today, students visited the RF Minoborony Guesthouse to cheer Syrian girl Sidra Zaarur, now receiving medical treatment in a Russian paediatric clinical hospital. Our girls presented Sidra with gifts… a handmade puppet, a stuffed toy dog, a plush bunny, and a picture… they chatted with her and even sang her a song to raise her spirits. The girls plan to continue seeing Sidra, and they’ll see her off at the guesthouse after her discharge from treatment. Ten-year-old Sidra Zaarur lost both legs in a terrorist attack in Aleppo. Local doctors did everything possible to save her life, but she had severe physical and psychological trauma that needed further treatment and rehabilitation. The Syrian government asked Russia to help; we honoured that request. RF Minister of Defence General of the Army S K Shoigu gave orders for Sidra to come to Moscow for treatment. Throughout the flight from Syria in a VVS-VTA Il-76, a team of highly-qualified healthcare providers from the N N Burdenko Main Military Hospital and A V Vishnevsky Surgical Institute monitored Sidra’s condition.

3 June 2016

RF Minoborony



Russia heals Syrian children… America maims them. Trump, Chilly Hilly, and Butcher Biden all drool in glee over the CIA-fomented terrorist rampage in Syria… only Bernie is against it. Yes, America is “exceptional”… its evil is on display for the entire world to see. Let God see and judge… this is too much of a muchness… when America maims little kids to line the pockets of the Affluent Effluent… that’s EVIL of the most noxious and EXCEPTIONAL variety. I stand mute in shock and disgust… shame on all those who support Chilly Hilly or Trump. The blood of innocents is on YOUR hands…


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