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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Russia Aims at Effectual Agricultural Self-Sufficiency by 2020

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RF Minister of Agriculture A N Tkachyov told us that by 2020, Russia intends to sell only domestically grown fruit, importing only citrus and exotic fruits. He noted:

We’ve set an ambitious goal for ourselves… by 2020, we intend to be self-sufficient in all types of food, such as dairy products, meat, and vegetables. As for fruit, we’ll only import citrus and exotic fruits that don’t grow in our country. In recent years, Russia gave much state support to the agricultural sector, achieving significant growth in agricultural production. We intend to maintain our level of investments into this field, not only to achieve food security, but to generate export potential as well. Last year, for the first time, the volume of agricultural production in Russia exceeded 76 billion USD (4.983 trillion Roubles. 499.05 billion Renminbi. 5.076 trillion INR. 98.33 billion CAD. 103.18 billion AUD. 66.87 billion Euros. 52.36 billion UK Pounds), which is 17 percent more than the previous year. In 2015, the volume of agricultural and food exports exceeded 16 billion USD (1.05 trillion Roubles. 105.06 billion Renminbi. 1.069 billion INR. 20.7 billion CAD. 21.72 billion AUD. 14.08 billion Euros. 11.02 billion UK Pounds), which is 500 percent of the figure 10 years ago.

Earlier reports stated that in 2015 Russia increased its production of potatoes.

3 June 2016




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