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Sunday, 5 June 2016

5 June 2016. A Thought on Russia’s Future from V V Putin

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Judo means “the gentle way” in Japanese… that is, one doesn’t bull ahead and attack… one uses careful strategy, well-placed blocks, and (finally) a surprising flip. VVP is a genuine judoka… a judo practitioner… a Master of Sport in the discipline. Judo is a sport where one uses the opponent’s strength against them. The Anglos forget that in dealing with VVP… the Anglos are habitual liars and boasters… a more hubristical lot doesn’t walk the face of the planet. They incessantly tell you of their strength… their invincible army (that can’t defeat ragtag insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan), their nonpareil navy (which can’t operate in anything but blue-water deep ocean), and their world-beating weapons (which often don’t work and are nothing but high-profit corruption goldmines for pols and for their makers). VVP lies low and watches… waiting for an opening.

You can bet on the hubristical Yanks and their boasts… or you can bet on the Russians and Chinese, with their “slow but steady wins the race” philosophy. The Yanks think that they can take on the world. I seem to notice that no one who has taken that notion has ever succeeded… EVER SUCCEEDED… now, that’s a point to ponder.

By the way, one last thing… the Yanks boast of their “sanctions”… however, all that it really did was to reinforce VVP’s self-sufficiency programme. In short, the Yanks achieved the very opposite of what they set out to do. That is, if that’s an indicator of Anglo thought and ability, then, I’d say that Russia doesn’t need worry overly much about the USA… yet, it’ll still need to watch for Anglo nastiness… after all, only one country has used “the Bomb”, isn’t that so? Another good point to ponder…



5 June 2016. Yanks Unveil “New” Railgun… Too Bad It’s Impractical and a Energy Hog

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Read this. Well, well, well… this isn’t exactly the newest invention on the block. It first saw the light of day as a proposal during World War I… the various War Ministries of the combatants laughed at it as being a crank Heath Robinson affair. During World War II, various German nutters got through to Hitler with this idea… Speer shot it down by observing that, yes, it’d work, but it’d require a power station equal to that needed for a small city to power it. Now, it appears that the wonks have reduced the power required… but not by much. This gun requires a 25-megawatt generator to power it. To put it into perspective, the power-unit of the Eurostar high-speed train uses 12-megawatts (6-megawatts each of the two power-cars). Now, the Eurostar gets its power from a catenary wire, which wouldn’t be practical in the case of the railgun. The gun would need a diesel power-generator, which would use at least 8 tonnes of fuel per hour. That is, one railgun would require a large power unit, a large diesel generator unit, plus ordnance to fire. Yowza… it still ain’t very practical, is it? It couldn’t travel off-road… indeed, most such units would have to be in fixed locations to take advantage of power from ordinary civilian power stations.

In short, this is utter rubbish put out by the Yanks. They don’t have a worldbeater here… they have a turkey that rises up every now and again, it gobbles away, and the sane people shoo it away. Sad, ain’t it? The all-powerful Yanks are down to boasting about non-existent superweapons. It sounds a lot like the last days of the Third Reich, doesn’t it? Hmm… Trump and Chilly Hilly… taken together, those two have LESS of a grip on reality than Hitler did. Now, THAT’S scary…


5 June 2016. From the Russian Web… I’m a Cute Little Dickens, Aren’t I?

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5 June 2016. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a Friend! (And a Short Discursus on PhotoShop)

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This was originally on vK with a Russian text. What to do? What else? Open up the photo-editing software and get down to work, kids! Every image on this site goes through photo-editing (“PhotoShop”). There are things that one NEVER does with PhotoShop… you never eliminate someone and then claim that they weren’t there (you can eliminate unnamed underlings to stress the main actors, but only if you must). You can’t put someone else’s head on another body. You can’t add someone to an image to insinuate that they were somewhere where they weren’t. However, you can spiff up brightness levels, pump up colour vibrancy, and correct skin-tone aberrations. You can also remove minor “irritants” such as glaring lights or a hanging wire, so long as it doesn’t impair the image’s integrity. In this image, the Russian text overlapped the cup, which required some careful cloning to “repair” the cup.

Photo-editing is an awesome tool… however, be aware that not all parties are as responsible and careful as yours truly… have a care particularly with rightwingers and apparatchiki… they believe that “winning is the only thing” and that chicanery is legit as long as one doesn’t get caught at it… they have no morals or scruples (as one can see on Fox News or Breitbart.com). Remember the recent anti-Planned Parenthood videos? That proves my argument. Technology is a wonderful thing… but have a care, there are unscrupulous partisans out there… so long as they benefit from the charade, they won’t cavil at it. The times aren’t good…


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