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Sunday, 5 June 2016

5 June 2016. A Thought on Russia’s Future from V V Putin

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Judo means “the gentle way” in Japanese… that is, one doesn’t bull ahead and attack… one uses careful strategy, well-placed blocks, and (finally) a surprising flip. VVP is a genuine judoka… a judo practitioner… a Master of Sport in the discipline. Judo is a sport where one uses the opponent’s strength against them. The Anglos forget that in dealing with VVP… the Anglos are habitual liars and boasters… a more hubristical lot doesn’t walk the face of the planet. They incessantly tell you of their strength… their invincible army (that can’t defeat ragtag insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan), their nonpareil navy (which can’t operate in anything but blue-water deep ocean), and their world-beating weapons (which often don’t work and are nothing but high-profit corruption goldmines for pols and for their makers). VVP lies low and watches… waiting for an opening.

You can bet on the hubristical Yanks and their boasts… or you can bet on the Russians and Chinese, with their “slow but steady wins the race” philosophy. The Yanks think that they can take on the world. I seem to notice that no one who has taken that notion has ever succeeded… EVER SUCCEEDED… now, that’s a point to ponder.

By the way, one last thing… the Yanks boast of their “sanctions”… however, all that it really did was to reinforce VVP’s self-sufficiency programme. In short, the Yanks achieved the very opposite of what they set out to do. That is, if that’s an indicator of Anglo thought and ability, then, I’d say that Russia doesn’t need worry overly much about the USA… yet, it’ll still need to watch for Anglo nastiness… after all, only one country has used “the Bomb”, isn’t that so? Another good point to ponder…



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