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Sunday, 5 June 2016

5 June 2016. Yanks Unveil “New” Railgun… Too Bad It’s Impractical and a Energy Hog

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01 Fat Uncle Sam


Read this. Well, well, well… this isn’t exactly the newest invention on the block. It first saw the light of day as a proposal during World War I… the various War Ministries of the combatants laughed at it as being a crank Heath Robinson affair. During World War II, various German nutters got through to Hitler with this idea… Speer shot it down by observing that, yes, it’d work, but it’d require a power station equal to that needed for a small city to power it. Now, it appears that the wonks have reduced the power required… but not by much. This gun requires a 25-megawatt generator to power it. To put it into perspective, the power-unit of the Eurostar high-speed train uses 12-megawatts (6-megawatts each of the two power-cars). Now, the Eurostar gets its power from a catenary wire, which wouldn’t be practical in the case of the railgun. The gun would need a diesel power-generator, which would use at least 8 tonnes of fuel per hour. That is, one railgun would require a large power unit, a large diesel generator unit, plus ordnance to fire. Yowza… it still ain’t very practical, is it? It couldn’t travel off-road… indeed, most such units would have to be in fixed locations to take advantage of power from ordinary civilian power stations.

In short, this is utter rubbish put out by the Yanks. They don’t have a worldbeater here… they have a turkey that rises up every now and again, it gobbles away, and the sane people shoo it away. Sad, ain’t it? The all-powerful Yanks are down to boasting about non-existent superweapons. It sounds a lot like the last days of the Third Reich, doesn’t it? Hmm… Trump and Chilly Hilly… taken together, those two have LESS of a grip on reality than Hitler did. Now, THAT’S scary…



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