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Sunday, 12 June 2016

12 June 2016. A Word to the Wise on “Professionalism” and “Management”

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Two of the most misused words in the language are “professionalism” and “management”… people use them to cover all kinds of evil. Note that neither one carries any connotation of “competence”, “leadership”, “good”, or “fair”… it’s all about “professionalism” and “management”, both weasel words of the first-rank. The toxic culture of greed brought in by Reagan, reinforced by the Clintons, and dug in by Bush and Obama is reaching the end of its utility. There’s nothing left to steal… there’s nothing left to pillage or move to China. Yet, the greed lives on…

Try “justice”… it just might work… after all, the theme-song of the New Deal was “Happy Days Are Here Again”…



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