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Sunday, 12 June 2016

12 June 2016. “Herman Hyperdox” is a Cowardly Putz

00 Holy Old Genuine True Orthodox bingo 010616

“Holy Old Genuine True Orthodox bingo /drinking game (possible repost)”


There’s a person calling themselves “Herman Hyperdox” taking pot-shots at people. That’s wrong. I sign my posts with my name… so does Alex Riggle… we’re both willing to stand up and be counted. That’s also true of many others on the web. However, “Herman Hyperdox” is a cowardly putz who hides behind a username. They won’t take responsibility for what they post. That’s beneath the salt in my book. If you post something, do it under your name so that people know who it is and who’s willing to take the hits for posting it. This isn’t happening here. “Herman Hyperdox” sprang from a sick juvenile mind… not the satire… not the lame humour… but the very real instance of hiding one’s identity. Either one takes responsibility for one’s words and actions, or one is a coward, full stop.

I’m willing to stand up and take the heat… this person refuses to… do draw the obvious conclusion, kids…



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