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Saturday, 18 June 2016

18 June 2016. RELIGION… the Enemy of Mankind; FAITH… the Deliverer of Mankind

00 Jesus at the Republican Convention. 22.09.13

Sadly, most who call themselves “Christian” in the USA are anything else but… beware all “Evangelicals”, all those who were once such, and all those who advocate that we adopt their notions and agenda. “Evangelicalism” is an Antichristian fraud, best avoided by Christian folk…


Vladyki Lazar Puhalo posted this on FB:

“Religion” doesn’t equal Faith or a life in Christ; most certainly, it isn’t an understanding of and adherence to the Gospel. “Religion” inculcates bigotry everywhere. “Religion” and Faith aren’t the same things. In America, “religion” is hardly more than a cultural affectation, at some times, a fanatical one at that, but secular civil law protects citizens from its worst excesses; in dozens of other nations around the world, “religion” is a deadly obsession. In Islam, the worship of the book forms an idolatry shared by many Christians. Too many Christians hear, “It says in the Bible…” and judge God to be cruel and malicious, but they somehow don’t hear Jesus Christ say, “But I say unto you…” Men call Allah merciful as they behead the innocent with a hunting knife. Preachers who advocate mass murder spout the name of Jesus. Small wonder atheism is growing so rapidly. Some of the loudest voices in the Christian world from Texas to Nigeria slander God and ignore Christ; they bury the Gospel in a dark shroud of wilful ignorance. Some use the Koran as a weapon and justification for some of the most wicked and inhuman actions on the face of the earth. Truly, small wonder atheism is on the march in our world.

Let’s not be coy… what passes for “religion” in many quarters has nothing of God or of the Numinous in it. However, let’s not be smug… we do have Rod Dreher, Victor Potapov, John Whiteford, and Paffhausen the Great amongst us, don’t we? We do have too many who try to “square the circle” by trying to combine godly Orthodoxy with demonic “conservatism”. We do most certainly have “logs in our eyes”… our own guilt in this isn’t minor or slight.



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