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Saturday, 18 June 2016

18 June 2016. There’s NO State Church Here Thanks to Separation of Church and State… THANK GOD!

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I made the following comment on FB:

There’s no state church that the government forces us to support even though we may not be members. Thank God for that. Here in the USA/Canada, any such religion wouldn’t be Orthodoxy… in fact, such a situation would deform our Orthodoxy. Just look at the konvertsy nutters amongst us who want to bring heterodox notions into the Church… it’d be twice as bad, I’d warrant.

The separation of Church and State is a blessing for those of us who follow “minority” faiths… it means that the “Evangelical” scummers can’t embody their oddbod notions into law (of course, they can try, but with such separation, they can’t do it everywhere and always). It’s bad enough that semi-converted konvertsy like Freeman, Dreher, and Whiteford continue to indulge in heterodox fancy once in the Church. If there were a “state church”, such figures would be twice as bad, and they’re quite bad enough, thank you very much.



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