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Saturday, 18 June 2016

RF Minoborony Official Comment on Report of US State Department Officials Calling for Bombardment of Syrian Government Forces

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Two American newspapers… the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal… published information about an alleged internal memo signed by about 50 US State Department officials containing a call for bombing government forces in Syria, as they believe it the only way to fight ISIS and establish peace in Syria. The RF Minoborony commented on this:

If there’s just a little truth in those publications, it means that the US State Department decides such important questions by a vote of the “working community”. This can’t fail to raise anxiety in any reasonable person. However, here’s the main question. “Who, then, would be responsible for such bombardments?” Would it be this majority of the “working community” of the US State Department? On the other hand, would we witness another famous “Hollywood smile”, just as we did in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya?

17 June 2016

RF Minoborony



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