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Sunday, 19 June 2016

19 June 2016. From the Russian Web… Self-Portrait… Most Important… Believe in Yourself!

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00 Self-Portrait... Most Important... Believe in Yourself!


Without self-confidence, we’re nothing. I’m not talking about pigheaded and ignorant narcissism… I’m not talking about boastful and false posturing… I’m talking about having a clear and sober self-confidence in one’s real abilities. That’s the ticket, I say, and no truly successful person lacks such… mark my words…



19 June 2016. From the Russian Web… I Won’t Give Them Up!

00 cat sausage 190616


This is a feisty little Garfield, isn’t he?


19 June 2016. Deflategatge or Exitpollgate… Which was More Newsworthy?

00 deflated football media 190616


In 2015, the American media was full of Deflategate… a phony little sport scandal that tied up the news machine… it sputters on today. However… the media apparat refuses to cover Chilly Hilly’s past, her present chicanery, and her plans to turn America over to the oligarchs and plunge the country into unwinnable wars. That speaks volumes of the media apparat, doesn’t it (Orthodox people… do note what that says about such media running-dogs as Serge Schmemann and Sofiya Kishkovskaya)? Deflated footballs… max coverage… Chilly Hilly’s nasty doings… no coverage.

I do daresay that there’s such a thing as “media bias”… yes, I think that it really exists (watch all the Upper Middle Goodthinkers put on their tinfoil hats and blubber away)…


Orthodoxy is About Christ… NOT Religion

01zl Faces of a Religious Procession


Orthodoxy isn’t a religion, but a way of life centred in Jesus Christ. Orthodoxy, as a way of life, has the cure to what ails us and can return us to that state of wholeness that was God’s original intent for mankind. Because Orthodoxy isn’t about religion, it can offer the transformation of the heart that comes with entering into a relationship with our Creator. This transformation begins with repentance, that moment when we decide to return to that pure state of communion with God, for which He created us. When we renounce ourselves, we become a different person through the action of God’s grace. Where we became corrupt because of the fall, repentance returns us to that state for which God created us.

Igumen Tryphon Parsons

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