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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

21 June 2016. “This Was The Week That Wasn’t” or “Council, Council, What Ever Happened to That Council?”



I’ve been waiting to post on the “council” to see what HH’s reactions would be. Well… he’s said NOTHING. NOTHING. It’s as though it isn’t happening. He spent yesterday at Sofrino, with nary a word on the “council”. He’s not even attacking this conventicle. It’s as though it isn’t happening at all. A priest-friend of mine wrote:

But that’s precisely it… nothing is happening!

Perhaps, that’s what it’ll amount to in the end… a pointless and irrelevant pack of jumped-up and puffed-up Grecophiles trying to dominate the Church. However, NOTHING is happening there. As V R Legoida put it, “Either all the Local Orthodox Churches take part in an all-Orthodox Sobor, or if even one doesn’t show up, it means that it isn’t what it says it is”. In short, the Churches of Antioch, Georgia, and Moscow aren’t there. To be frank, if Moscow isn’t there, the meeting is a dead letter, as the MP is 75 percent of world Orthodoxy. The meeting is a sham, they should close it immediately, for it can’t deliver a consensus, but it could hand us a schism, for Bart isn’t the Orthodox Pope and he can’t order larger Local Churches about. This is ridiculous twaddle at best; it’s dangerous flirting with schism at worst. To be blunt, if it came down to it, more churches would stand with Moscow… it looks like the Phanar’s charade is coming to an end (after all, they let the Anglos bug the premises, which shows the whole world that they have no independence). It’s happening on all levels… we’re beating back the EP. However, they won’t go quietly into that dark night. What will they do before they die? That is what scares me.



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