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Friday, 24 June 2016

24 June 2016. First Reactions to the Brexit

00 vote yes for the future. Bugger off Westminster! 13.09.14


I wrote this as a FB comment:

Interesting… Wales and Scotland are pro-EU… to ease anti-liberal (that is, anti-Free Market) anti-Westminster trends. Plaid Cymru is anti-NATO and the SNP is mostly so. Northern Ireland is more pro-EU, to help intra-Irish trade. This may reinforce centrifugal forces in the UK, tearing it apart, leading to independence for Wales and Scotland (the Scots could revive the Auld Alliance with the French) and a United Non-Sectarian Ireland. These new states appear to be heading in a socialist direction. The Brexit will open NEW problems for the Atlanticist Liberals… they’ll be sorry that they encouraged such in the first place.

A friend of mine commented:

This is suicide for them. Britain will break apart with Scotland going independent and this might be the impetus to reunite Northern Ireland with the Republic. The problem is that there are particularly nasty Tories waiting in the wings, Boris Johnson, for instance, along with the Kippers, who are as cruel as Thatcher was, if not worse. They’ll rise to power before those things happen. That means what little she didn’t destroy to enrich her friends, they will. In the end, the racists, bigots, and assorted rightwing trash will regret this, but in the short-term, the working people they conned into this are going to suffer.

It depends… what would an independent Scotland do about NATO? It’s not popular, but some of that has to do with the Trident missiles parked by the English on its territory… it doesn’t want them there. Independence would get them moved, I think. The right overplayed their hand in this one, and this will come back to haunt them. Most nations (including the USA) opposed this idiocy, and depending on who’s in office, I could see them opening negotiations about independence with the Scots. Most certainly, the EU will support the independence referendum this time. That’s something they should’ve done last time. They’ll do it to punish England for this. Moreover, yes, the Scots would happily revive the Auld Alliance, and so I think would the French. Scotland is much more socialist than England is… it won’t allow people who make Thatcher look pleasant to rule it for long.

The Establishment is in shock… this wasn’t supposed to happen… but it did. I think that they overplayed their hand with the shooting of the pro-EU MP. The implication that anti-EU fanatics killed her boomeranged… common folk resented the Upper Middle assumption that an “ignorant” working-class nationalist killed the MP for terrorist reasons. The guy wasn’t wrapped too tight and he was a fanatic… but the implication that all Brexit proponents were equally terrorists didn’t go down well with most (what else did these pompous jackasses expect?).

The EU is now dead… at least, in its present form. Where, oh where, is the Munchkin coroner when we need him?



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