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Friday, 24 June 2016

24 June 2016. What Kind of Gun WOULD Jesus Use?

00 man with nailgun 240616


He WAS a carpenter, wasn’t he? Yes… a WORKING MAN… not a scholar… not a priest… not a merchant… not a “manager”… not one of the politically connected. He was supposed to keep His mouth shut and “follow orders” from His “betters”. He didn’t… we all know what happened, didn’t we? I’d observe that things haven’t changed much… those who consider themselves the “better classes” still lord it over others and still take much more than their fair share of the goods of this world.

Do the right thing… that’s what emulating Christ is all about. It’s NOT waving placards in Pro-Life marches or making feel-good warm n’ fuzzy bootless statements about “homosexuals” and “sincerely held beliefs”. I follow Christ… not the moralists. I’m not alone in that. I confide that the moralists are as far from actual Christianity as are the nihilists… perhaps, even farther, as the nihilists (at least) don’t pretend to follow Christ. I’ll speak my mind out… I’m a Christian… that’s what we do…


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