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Saturday, 25 June 2016

25 June 2016. If Bernie Votes for Shillary… I’ll Vote for Jill Stein

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It’s simple. If Bernie supports Chilly Hilly, I’ll vote for Jill Stein. I’m not alone. We won’t vote for an amoral lying bitch who fucks ordinary people and who sucks dick for all of Wall Street and K Street. She has no intention of enacting ANYTHING to help working people… she hasn’t in the past… she won’t now.

Orthodox people… you can’t vote for a soulless witch who has the blood of our children on her hands. She cackled in glee as the bombs fell on Belgrade and as the shells fall in the Donbass. Her protégé is Victoria Nuland… the Bitch of the Maidan. If you want a social vision in sync with that of the Church, you must vote for Jill Stein. The Libertarians are for a Free Market Antichristian Hell… the Republicans and Democrats are Wall Street’s Flunkies… only Jill Stein is anywhere near the Church’s vision (that’s true even though she’s “pro-choice”… there’s much more to our social vision than “pro-life”… there’s no “perfect” political faction out there).

In an imperfect world, there are no “perfect” choices on offer. Reject the hate offered by the “conservatives”… reject the condescension offered by the “liberals”… reject spurious the “freedom” offered by the Libertarians, for that means actual penury for most. Vote GREEN… it’s the only sane choice on offer… what’s on offer does limit our choices. There’s no “but” about it… you must choose and stand by the consequences of your choice. That’s why I’m voting for Jill Stein this November. A vote for Chilly Hilly is a vote for murder in Orthodox lands… a vote for the Libertarians is a vote for tyranny of the rich… a vote for Trump is a vote for Yahoo bigotry and hatred.

I reiterate… I’m not alone…



25 June 2016. International Day of Slavic Friendship and Unity

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25 June 2016. West Goes Apeshit Over Putin Remarks on Brexit

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President V V Putin said this on Friday:

[The referendum] was due to nothing more than the British leadership’s arrogance and superficiality regarding issues vital to their country and to Europe as a whole.

That’s all. Furthermore, President Putin gave his word that he wouldn’t interfere in British internal affairs. In response, the sheeple in the Western media went apeshit. The Washington Times was particularly strident, but the rest of the Western media did little better. Supposedly, VVP planned this to split Europe, to take it over, and that he was the sole winner of the affair. Firstly, VVP and Russia weren’t involved in the Brexit, so they can neither win or lose! Secondly, the Brexit had numerous causes, all of them domestic and homebrewed. The Establishment was hamfisted and clueless… their attempt to smear the Leave faction as terrorists after the Cox murder backfired and badly. To be clear, the Upper Middles pointed the finger at the whole English working-class, and the proles didn’t care for such vilification. Thirdly, it’s too much too soon to discern any of the real effects of this. The media screams for preventive war. I say, let things develop as they will; let the will of the people be done… not just in this referendum, but in the future ones on Scottish and Welsh independence, and on all-Irish unity.

The media has an agenda regarding Russia… set by its oligarch paymasters (note well how running-dogs like Serge Schmemann, Sofiya Kishkovskaya, and Rod Dreher howl at their master’s orders). Don’t buy into it. VVP simply told the truth about the Western Establishment. We should laud him for that.


25 June 2016. Two Cartoonists View the Brexit

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. The Brexit Shock. 2016

The Brexit Shock

Vitaly Podvitsky



00 Andy Marlette. The British are Leaving. 2016

The British are Leaving, the British are Leaving

Andy Marlette



It’s still much too early to read any tealeaves from the Brexit. I don’t know… no one knows. However, it’s clear that another Scots referendum is on the cards, maybe, as early as next year. If that goes south for Westminster, all bets are off. Until then, it’s much too early to glean ANYTHING from the Brexit.


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